Year 6-7 Learning Zone

This section of the website is for both parents/carers and students and aims to support your learning. As well as there being guidance under specific subject headings we have set out below some more useful general information. Students please remember that we are here to help you. If you are having problems with your learning either in school or at home you can talk to your teacher, your tutor, or Mrs Yates (Year 7 Manager). Parents/carers can contact your child’s teachers, tutor or Mrs Yates via Insight or by contacting the school directly.

How to access your work and useful information from home

School subscribes to Home Access+ which provides students with secure online access to view their network resources, browse network drives and folders, download files from school to the home computer and upload files to school. The Remote Apps section lets them run software that is on the school system remotely at home.

For example if you do not have Powerpoint on the home computer they can still do their powerpoint homework by using this feature.

Network resources such as lists of vocabulary for Spanish and German can be found on the library drives through Home Access+. More specific detail will be given under subject headings.


Both students and parents/carers have their own INSIGHT accounts. Insight provides information on assessment, attendance, behaviour, examinations and homework.

Help with Homework

Homework club runs each morning in Atlas from 8.20pm. This offers pupils access to resources and support to complete homework and is open to all year groups.

Study Support runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the main LRC. A late bus operates on these days. This also offers pupils access to resources and support to complete homework. This is open to all year groups.