Memrise instructions

The first thing your child will need to do is create an account at following the instructions below.

The online safety of your child is important to us but so is appropriate use of technology to aid learning. As such as a school we have the following recommendations when signing up to websites related to school work:

  1. Always register with your school email rather than a personal email. Your child’s email address is So if I was called Joe Bloggs and I started at Heart of England in September 2015 my email address would be All students should be familiar with their username as they use it to access all school network systems in computing.
  2. Use a gender-neutral username on websites. I would like students to use their school username as their Memrise username. This will enable me to see really quickly who has completed the learning and who is at the top of the leaderboard.
  3. Do not upload an image of yourself as your profile picture.
  4. Memrise recommends that young students stick just to quizzes that a teacher sets or that have been checked by a parent.

Once you have created an account, click on this link to join our Year 7 class group:

These instructions have been explained to Year 7 along with the e-safety guidance above.

Download these instructions as a PDF.