Year 11 Maths

Past Exam Papers

Pupils have been given past exam papers throughout KS4, but they should now be receiving them regularly, roughly one exam series per week. The papers, and mark schemes, can be downloaded from the edexcel website, but can also be sent via email upon request.

Revision at home

The Maths Department recommends the following ways to prepare when revising at home: 

  1. MathsWatch Website:
    • Centre ID: heart
    • Username: Same as school login. If it doesn’t work ask your teacher.
    • Password: Maths

Video clips for all topics, sorted by Tier and Grade. For some topics there are “1 Minute Maths” clips to review topics you already understand. Underneath each topic there is a link to a worksheet full of extra questions to attempt for extra revision.

  1. MyMaths Website:
    • Username: hoe
    • Password: minus
    • Use the search box to look through the website for relevant tasks or online tutorials.
  1. Previous Assessments and Past Papers.

Use the feedback from the papers and assessments done in class to find out what you need to focus your revision on.

  1. Classwork and Homework Textbooks: Home Access via the school website.

Go to the Library Drive, then Mathematics, then Textbooks, then the relevant book or books.


Students should be bringing all the equipment needed for the exam to every lesson, otherwise they will be unable to complete some questions when going through past papers in class. Students will need the following equipment for their exam:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Scientific Calculator (CASIO FX-85GT or better)
  • Protractor
  • Compass