Careers and Destinations

From the moment they walk through the doors at Heart of England School we aim to offer all of our students inspirational opportunities to secure the brightest of futures.  As part of our commitment to offering independent, informative and broad careers advice to all we employ Prospects, one of the countries largest independent careers advice services.

Key Stage 3

We encourage all of our students to start thinking about their future as soon as they walk through the Heart of England doors in Year 7. In Years 7 and 8 the students will receive an assembly led by Mr Taylor (Safer Futures Coordinator) and our Careers Advisor. The assembly has two main aims:

  • Inspire students to think about their future and undertake research which will facilitate this
  • Inform the students about the role of the Careers Advisor and make them aware that they are able to access help and advice

In Year 9 we aim to provide the students with as much help as possible when making their GCSE option choices. The students will receive an assembly led by Mr Taylor and the careers advisor, which provides students with insight into careers, possible post-16 routes as well as introducing the prospect of apprenticeships as possible pathways for the future. As well as giving help and support to our students we offer information and guidance to our Year 9 parents explaining not only the importance of well considered GCSE choices but also explain possible routes such as the EBAC and how choices now may open doors to routes such as A Levels, college courses or apprenticeships. Year 9 parents evening also provides an excellent platform for parents/carers to book appointment with potential option subjects and find out all key information.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we offer students a diverse set of opportunities to help them focus both upon their current GCSE studies and planning ahead.  In Year 10, assemblies take place to introduce the careers advisor to all students, to begin discussing and exploring possible post-16 opportunities and to impress upon students that there is no one or right way when it comes to careers.  As Year 10 draws to a close, all students will complete a thinking ahead questionnaire which is used to inform and plan a more personalised careers provision in Year 11.

All students in Key Stage 4 will receive at least one careers interview, for some students more that one interview is needed as their interests or world view changes.  Our careers adviser will offer guidance and a huge range or opportunities that exist post-16, guiding them to the route that is best for them, their interests and aspirations.

Practical Preparation

Interviews are, regardless of age or experience, a daunting prospect for everyone.  Whether our students are looking to apply to college, Sixth Form or an apprenticeship they will not be able to avoid an interview.  To help them prepare for this all students undertake a mock interview with a professional from the world of work, previous contributors have included: executives from JLR, accountants, solicitors, entrepreneurs, nurses, high street retailers and those who have worked in further education.

The process begins with students having to complete an application form and submit this by the advertised deadline.  In addition to the expected and unexpected questions of the interviewer all students receive feedback on the quality of their application and interview with practical tips and advice that they can use moving forward.

Key Stage 5

We offer quality advice and guidance to all our post-16 students, helping to support all levels of aspiration from applicant to Oxbridge universities, those looking to pursue a career in medicine or those looking to take advantage of more vocational routes such as apprenticeships.

For those looking to study at university, we offer extensive support and guidance about the UCAS process, crafting an effective personal statement and making the right choice of degree and university.  We also support parents with an information evening of this process.

Students who are looking to explore the burgeoning number of alternative routes are supported with more help and guidance form our careers advisor, helping them to navigate the numerous opportunities.

In Year 12 all students have a week of work experience enabling them to explore possible career paths that may be of interest for the future.

Our Sixth Form also runs workshops with Student Savvy to help prepare students and parents for the rigours, challenges and opportunities that await our young people as they navigate the real world.


Useful Links

How to research and generate career ideas using the National Career web site:

About Our Careers Provision

  • Our careers leader is: Ms Catherine Williams
  • School Phone Number: 01676 535222
  • Provider Access Policy (PDF)

How we Measure Impact

  • Student surveys
  • Alumni contacts
  • Review of prospects provision as independent careers advice