Soundtrap: Create, Collaborate, Conquer

With a new kit-out of the music room technology this term, Year 8 student Olly gives us his review of the changes, especially to a key piece of software used by students for composition and music creation.

Since the Heart of England music department switched this term from MacOS to Windows we have had to change from the Garageband music programme which only runs on Apple Macs to another app and our go-to option was the mighty Soundtrap.

A screen shot of Soundtrap

Soundtrap makes music creation easier and more accessible compared to GarageBand.  It is designed with a user-friendly interface that works seamlessly on any device which includes iPhone and Android, so there are no compatibility issues to face.  The best part?

The software is cloud-based, enabling collaboration with other musicians in real-time, no matter where they are.  Soundtrap offers a diverse range of virtual instruments, loops, and effects, giving you the freedom to explore various music styles.

When it comes to sharing and publishing your music, Soundtrap has got you covered with intuitive options.  Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced musician, Soundtrap provides a stress-free and inclusive music-making experience that goes beyond GarageBand’s limitations.

Highlighted Pros of Soundtrap:

  1. Awesome Music Loop Library: Get ready to explore a vast collection of pre-made music loops that will blow your mind! Overcome creative blocks and create impressive music pieces by mixing and matching these awesome loops.
  2. Genre Sorting and Sound Favourites: Say goodbye to the struggle of finding the right sounds. Soundtrap makes it a breeze to sort through different music genres and save your favourite sounds.  Quick access to your favourite sounds means uninterrupted creative flow!
  3. Song Import and Remixing Magic: Bring your own songs into Soundtrap and unlock the world of remixing. Modify and edit your tracks, adding that personal touch to create unique musical compositions that stand out from the crowd.
  4. Perfect Your Sound with Auto-Tune®: Want that polished, professional sound? Soundtrap’s Auto-Tune® feature has got you covered. Experiment with pitch, or transpose your tracks and achieve the sound you have been dreaming of.
  5. Unleash Your Inner Beatmaker: Get ready to rock the rhythm! Soundtrap’s intuitive Patterns Beatmaker lets you unleash your creativity with just a few clicks. Create captivating rhythms that will have everyone grooving to your beats.
  6. Eye-Friendly Light and Dark Modes: Take care of your eyes with Soundtrap’s light and dark modes. Switch to dark mode to give your eyes instant relief and enhanced focus, especially during those late-night music sessions.

Highlighted Cons of Soundtrap:

Things that could make Soundtrap that little bit more awesome:

  1. Awesome Interface: Soundtrap is super cool, but sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming with everything popping up all at once. It would be great if they could make it more user-friendly, so it is easier to find what you need and have a smoother experience.
  2. Protect Your Creativity: Imagine putting in a ton of work into something and your friends come along and mess it up – it could certainly make me annoyed! It would be great if Soundtrap had better ways to protect your creations, such as having permissions or settings to make sure only trusted people can edit or delete your stuff.

With Soundtrap’s incredible features, you are on your way to creating music like a professional.  So let your creativity soar and share your sensational beats with the world!  In a nutshell, Soundtrap is the best music maker ever.  It lets me to express myself, unleash my creativity and create music that I can be super proud of.

Olly, Year 8


  • Listen to a sample of what can be done in this composition by Olly entitled Rock, Sorta created using Soundtrap.
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