Small Changes, Big Impact

Year 8 have had an assembly on how small changes can have a big impact.  Creating new habits which have long-lasting benefits can have small beginnings and it’s surprising where they could lead.

The assembly was led by Key Stage 3 co-ordinator Joe Newton and he began by saying that although many students have made small changes already, there where changes that still needed to be made and that there is a need to ask constantly, “What can I change?  What can I do differently?”

Matt Cutts TED talkMr Newton showed a video clip of a TED talk by Matt Cutts called, Try Something New for 30 Days. “Think about something you’ve always wanted to add to your life and try it for the next 30 days.”  Matt decided to cycle to work for 30 days and that one small change inspired him to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  What the speaker found was that small changes are sustainable – they last.

“Making a small change can kick-start something bigger,” said Mr Newton.  For example, reading for 10-15 minutes, four times a week will result in a wider vocabulary, improved literacy skills and improved percentage scores in all subjects he told the students.

Another important aspect of making small changes is that they create new good habits and boost confidence.  “Lack of confidence is a barrier and negative habits are a confidence killer,” said Mr Newton.  “It saps your motivation and perseverance.”

Socrates quoteEverything about school is designed to help students, explained Mr Newton.  A great deal of thought and effort goes into making it the best it can be for young people.  “But it’s and partnership, between you and the school.  As a summer challenge ask yourself, ‘what positive change can I make to bring back to school in September?’”

Finally, Mr Newton concluded by saying to the Year 8 students, “There’s work to be done and it starts with small changes.”