Sixth Form Prospectus: Life in Sixth Form

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Life in Sixth Form

Along with the academic aspects of Sixth Form, students are encouraged to become more involved with the local and wider community

Sixth Form Council

The council is a body of students made up of the Head boy and girl, Deputy Head boy and girl and Ambassadors who lead on various aspects of school life.

The council’s strength is the sense of community and it provides opportunities for students to get involved with student life.

  • Giving: building on our history of charity work and raising funds for charities of the students’ choice.
  • Enhancing: listening to views of students about how to improve the experience and facilities of Sixth Form.
  • Investing: giving the students the opportunity to work with lower school students and contributing to the wider life of the school.
  • Student Welfare: ensuring students feel safe and respected, helping to inform them on all aspects of health and welfare.

In the Sixth Form, the teachers are extremely supportive and encouraging and willing to give up their free time to help students reach their potential.  There are a variety of extracurricular opportunities open to all, such as taking part in a competitive chemistry competition in Wales or visiting CERN

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