Mrs Toughton leads us on another journey, this time into silence.  Read more below and follow the link to the meditation…

Hello Again,

Now the recording I’ve done for you this time is to help you become aware of silence and all of the benefits it can bring.  When you experience silence – and more particularly – yourself in silence,  then you are giving yourself your valuable undivided attention.

In this silence you feel a deep peace and a sense of calm that will carry you through the entire day. You will sense a conflict free, dynamic peace of truly being ‘at home’.

The first part of this recording is about learning to relax and about how to centre yourself.  You work with your mind and your body.  These of you who have had sessions with me will know how to do this or be familiar with it.

There is nothing to distract you.  No television.  No computer.  No phone and no book.  You are deliberately pausing your life, stopping all movement and just allowing yourself to be.

How often do you usually do that?

You will learn to listen to your body – and notice how your mind works in tandem with your body. Your breathing slows and you find yourself being guided to a powerful sense of what is ‘almost‘ sleeping but not quite. In this state you will find your intuition can find it’s way to you.

So all you have to do is listen to the recording.  Try to listen to both recordings at least four or five times a week.  I wonder how you find the recordings help you?

A third recording will be with you soon.  The power of silence!

Mrs Troughton