Prospectus: Year Groups and Tutors

Year Groups and Tutors

Every student has a dedicated tutor whom they meet every morning. Tutors get to know their tutees during their entire time with us.

Each student is part of a tutor group comprising of other students from the same year group.  Your child’s tutor will play a very important role in your child’s education as they will have an overview of how they are getting on across all of their subjects.  They will also be your first point of contact if you have questions or queries about your child and their education.

During the course of the week, your child will participate in different activities during tutor time, these include:

  • Assembly
  • Dear (Drop Everything And Read)
  • News and Current Affairs
  • Themed Discussions on relevant topics
  • 1:1 conversations about their progress

Pupils know the school’s values and why they are important.

OfstedOctober 2018