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Chair of Governors Anne Lycett introduces our Core Values at Heart of England School

Our Principal, Jacqueline Hughes-Williams, her Leadership Team and the Trust Board are passionate about leading Heart of England School.  The bedrock of our shared vision is ‘Creating Futures’ for each and every one of our students.

To make this vision a reality, students, parents, teachers and trustees, need to work together in partnership sharing the same values. Our school values are:

  • Honesty: trust is about being candid with one another; relationships work best in this climate
  • Determination: success is built on hard work; facing challenges and conquering them, creating opportunities to achieve more than we thought we could
  • Courage: taking risks, aspiring to be adventurous; being brave enough to try new things without fear of making mistakes en route to excellence
  • Humour: an essential ingredient; discovering the joy of learning to move forward through collaboration, listening and laughter
  • Kindness: to experience the generosity of others; understanding that we are all part of the learning community, striving towards being our best

Putting these values at the heart of everything we do makes our school a great place to learn and for students to thrive.

By choosing Heart of England School you are entrusting your child’s future to us.  You have our absolute commitment to do everything we can to successfully deliver on that investment.

Heart of England is a community, where students and teachers care greatly about the school. The opportunities the school has presented to me have encouraged me to develop academically and as a well-rounded individual.

GeorgeFormer Student