Prospectus: Learning by Design

Learning by Design

Our philosophy.

Our philosophy of Learning by Design is quite simple: we educate with purpose.  Design is synonymous with creativity of thought and the courage to forge success out of facing challenges without fear of failure.  Our design is to equip students with the skills and attributes that will help them secure good lives.

We develop our students’ curiosity about subjects they didn’t even know existed.

We value determination and aim to inspire by igniting a genuine love of learning through our knowledge engaged curriculum.  

Self-motivation and drive are qualities prized by employers, as are skills such as: excellent communication, numeracy, planning and organising, problem solving, decision making and the ability to be both analytical and evaluative.  In developing these skills we value diversity and encourage our students to overcome barriers to learning  and to stick at what is difficult rather than settling for what is easy.

Being ready for the next stage, whatever and wherever that might be, is crucial to success.  Our school is about excellent outcomes and destinations for all and that also means helping our students to be a decent person in this incredibly complex world.  By focusing upon diversity, personal accountability and individual choice the future is not just a place we all get to go, it is a place we can create together.

The teachers at Heart of England were always happy to offer additional academic support if I needed it, and the school itself offered many unique opportunities which helped to enrich my application for applying to study medicine at university. I have always found the teachers and tutors at the school and sixth form incredibly helpful and supportive of my ambition to study medicine, and it has been a pleasure to have been a student at Heart of England school for the last seven years.

Annabel RowleyFormer student and Head Girl