Prospectus: Creating Futures

Creating Futures

Your child’s future and happiness are central to our vision and values.

Our school has a clear sense of community that is rooted in an established culture that reflects our core values and educational intent; we believe everyone has the potential to excel.  We strive for the best for all at our school.

Never has it been more important to say that the national academic landscape is ever shifting.  I am confident that we are well equipped to meet the challenge of educational and social need as we continue to respond to the changing demands of our students and their families.  At Heart of England we have held true to the principle of a broad and balanced curriculum throughout and offer a wide range of subjects to our students; responding honestly to change whilst maintaining a sharp awareness of educational tradition and practice informed by research.  Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is rigorous and lays deeper foundations upon which to build success at GCSE, post sixteen and beyond.  Our examination outcomes are excellent over time at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 and we focus on destinations.  Our pastoral and academic support systems strive to ensure that our children are in the best possible frame of mind for learning and reflect our deep commitment to ensure that our children are truly known at Heart of England.

We are once again building back and offering a rich range of extra-curricular sports and our excellent art, drama, music, dance and media facilities add depth and diversity to our curriculum and community, helping to enrich our students’ cultural knowledge.  Our goal is to enhance their capacity to contribute and participate positively and broadly in the workplace and society long after they have left our school.

We are a diverse and inclusive community and our mission is to educate with intent in an authentic, values driven culture committed to equality.  Our staff are dedicated and share the belief that education should be sustainably exceptional every day.

Welcome to Heart of England – the design room of futures.

Leaders expect teachers to know their pupils well, and they do.

OfstedOctober 2018