Prospectus: Creating Futures

Creating Futures

Your child’s future and happiness are central to our vision.

Our school has a clear sense of educational direction and curriculum intent.  Our culture is deeply rooted in our core values and these are reflected in our daily practice.   Values are hollow if they are not shared and lived.

We believe in informed academic choice and are well equipped to respond honestly to change whilst maintaining a sharp awareness of safety, educational tradition and practice informed by research.

Never has it been more appropriate to state that the educational landscape is ever shifting.  We continue to hold true to the principle of a broad and balanced curriculum and work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality provision for our children in what could be described as calm in a warm climate.  Knowledge and the capacity it provides to deepen understanding and hone application of skill lies at the heart of our curriculum design. Our Key Stage 3 program of study is rigorous and lays deeper foundations upon which to build success at GCSE, post sixteen and beyond.  Our pastoral support system ensures that our children are in the best possible frame of mind for learning and reflects our deep commitment to ensure no child is invisible at Heart of England.

The complexities of the world our children face are myriad and our curriculum and culture will help equip them for the challenges of 21st Century living.  Our staff and governors are dedicated to this purpose and share the belief that education should be sustainably exceptional every day.

Welcome to Heart of England – the design room of futures.

Jacqueline Hughes-Williams

Leaders expect teachers to know their pupils well, and they do.

OfstedOctober 2018