Politics work sheet

To succeed in Politics you need to be able to analyse political information, research issues and to keep up to date with current affairs.

Complete the tasks below

  • Current affairs

As a Politics student, you need to keep up to date with news and current affairs. Each week record at least one news article or report that has influenced UK Politics.

Date News source Summary of news Impact on UK Politics
02.09.20 BBC news website What happened?


This has meant that…
  • Research skills

Your task is to investigate the key questions below. There are a number of sub-questions to help focus your research. Produce notes in a format you prefer. For example, you could create a table or a mind map.

  1. Parties and candidates
  • What are the key differences between the major political parties in the UK?
  • How are candidates are selected to stand for a constituency?
  1. Elections and voting systems

Who can and cannot vote in general elections and why? Should the vote be changed?

  1. Forming and organising the work of government
  • How is a government formed? What is the role of the monarch?
  1. The Westminster Parliament
    ● What is the difference between the executive, legislature, judiciary and monarchy?
  • What are the roles of the Houses of Commons and Lords? What is the relationship What is the role of an MP in representing constituents’ interests?
  1. Making and shaping law
    ● How does a bill becomes law? What is royal assent?