Points Mean Prizes!

The year we have introduced a new reward system in school and at the end of the first half term of the year we’ve totted up the scores and we have some winners!

During the term, students have been building up their scores by expressing the four classroom essentials (CALM).  Engagement points are automatically given to all students who observe the CALM criteria every lesson and further positive points are awarded for showing Core values, good work, attitude and effort.  These have been added together for the whole half term with all the students reaching 208 points being put into a draw.  For Year 7, the number was 214 points as they have had an extra day in school.  One winner was drawn in each year group with each winner receiving a £15 Amazon voucher to spend as they wish.  There is also a ‘Top Ten’ list of the highest scorers in each year.

Congratulations go to all our hard-working students and especially to Charlie, Jack, Alex, Peter and Jacob who have all be awarded a voucher.  The high-scorers met with the Principal Ms Hughes-Williams who congratulated them and praised them for their efforts.

Vice Principal Mr Bennett said: “This is an excellent achievement for students and reflects the fact that they have consistently applied themselves in lessons throughout the half term.”

In addition to these awards, there were further awards for students who obtained 92% or higher attendance.  Students were put into a draw with one lucky winner getting a £15 Amazon voucher.

Next term the counter continues with a fresh chance for every student to get into the top ten and even win an award.  There will also be a special award for the highest total for the whole term with a £30 voucher up for grabs.

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