Poetry Club Page

Each Thursday the Poetry Club meet in M 201 during lunch.  Students write poems and the group select one which best relates the theme of the week which is published on this page.



By Frankie, Year 7

I shut my eyes;

this was it: my escape.


I dare to look,

peak through the black

shield which is separating

me and what lies ahead.


Then I find myself here,

in a place where I am


A place where all my doubts

do not seem to exist anymore

It was as though a firm

wall which once stood,

separating me from relief,

had fallen.

A strange sensation

filled my reflection;

something I have never

experienced before.


Then it was over.

My eyes flickered open

as though unsure if they

were ready to return to



by Felicia

Your eyes shine

With the wisdom of a thousand stars;

Your ears are pricked

To the sound of my beating heart.


The only sound is the continuous thump in our chests;

Your coppery fur

The only colour amongst the dark.


And when you bark,

You entwine me with a cord of wonder,

Then when you run,

My thoughts begin to bound in time.


Your bushy tail sweeps through my veins,

Your paws patter softly over my heart.

With your whine, you dapple my mind,

And then I’m yours again.


by Olivia

Chirping, whistling. The sweet sounds of robins soaring through the

air on a summer’s morning

Dew drops lay on the grass, glistening in the sun, squirrels,

waking in their tall trees that hung over the forest like a cloak.

Safely nestled in their dens, the foxes remained resting.

Butterflies emerged from the distance,

Elegantly fluttering over and away from the forest.

Below them lay a field of flowers,

Somehow blessed with sunlight,

A golden haze flooding the valleys as rabbits and hares hopped through the

roses and daffodils.