Piper Back to Bring in the New Year!

An annual visit from our very own piper has become a bit of a tradition here at Heart of England School.  Governor Malcolm Halliday, true Scotsman and bona fide bagpipe player visited in full Highland regalia and brought in the New Year for us!

photo of piper
Malcolm Halliday plays the pipes in a Hampton block classroom

If students and staff were expecting a quiet start to the new term as they gathered in their tutor rooms, Mr Halliday had other ideas.  He began be playing on the playground in full view of students from every block and walked across to Hampton block where he played a variety of well-known Scottish tunes in the corridors and in a some classrooms.

Doors were propped open, prompting the piper to go into classrooms and play and to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  It was certainly a wake-up call for anyone feeling a bit sleepy!

Piping past Leveson block, in full view of classrooms Mr Halliday made his way inside Main block, piping along the main corridors and visiting classrooms and back towards reception including a performance for the catering staff along the way.

An excellent and rousing start to 2020 – Happy Hogmanay!