Insight Guide

INSIGHT provides you with secure online access to view your children’s information 24 hours a day via PC, laptop and some mobile devices with internet connection. Personal contact details can be kept up to date, changes to addresses, telephone and mobile numbers can be submitted to school online, report reasons for your child’s absence from school, contact staff members from within INSIGHT and messages are delivered to the staff member’s email in-box.

How to Book Parents’/Carers’ Evening Appointments

Logging On

  • The Logon screen is the first place you go to view your son / daughters details. Enter the Username and Password which was sent to your postal address. ”Forgotten your password?” Enter your User Name in the forgotten password box to receive your password; this will only work if you have entered a valid email address.

Insight Log On Screen

  • You will then be asked to change your password when you first logon, if there is no email address stored on the INSIGHT system you will be asked to enter a valid email address, this is needed if you ever forget your password.

Changing Insight Password

Merging Accounts

  • If you have been sent two or more letters you can merge them, to start merging two or more accounts into one, logon with one set of details,

Merging Insight Accounts

  • If you then click the tape icon in the dock at the bottom of the page, a dialog box will appear if you enter the other set of details it should then merge the accounts together,

  • Next time you login you will then notice two or more photos in the dock this is how you transfer between children.

Reporting Absences

  • Any Unexplained absence will be displayed on the General Snapshot window when you first logon

  • To report a child’s absence click the attendance tab on the left hand side, then click the icon called report absences,

  • You will then be able to report absences, either Historical or a future Planned absence

Changes To Personal Details

  • To change any personal details, click the General tab on the left hand side, then click the icon called Personal details,

  • From the image below you can see where you need to click to change certain fields

Viewing School Reports

  • To view your Childs report, click the Reports tab on the left hand side, then click the icon called All Reports,

  • If you would like to view past reports, click the select another report at the top of the page