Our Core Values at Heart of England


Today I want to tell you about our Core Values. These are the guiding principles which, together with our CALM Behaviour policy, help us all to be safe and happy in school as well as helping us to achieve the very best we can at Heart of England. When you join our school you will see the core values as you move around the school both on posters and in action as we all try our best to follow these values every day.

We have five Core Values:

Being honest with others helps us to develop strong relationships as it means that there is trust. It is also important to be honest with ourselves.

Title graphic-Courage

Remember that we all need to be brave and try new things. When we do this we may not always get it right first time but we can learn from our mistakes and this helps us to improve. It also sometimes takes courage to ask for help if we are finding

things hard. There are lots of people here to support you if you need help with anything.

Title graphic-Determination

Sometimes things are not as easy as we would like. At school you will be learning lots of new skills and sometimes it may seem difficult. All we ask is that you try your best with everything and you will then realise how much more you are capable of than you thought.

Title graphic-Humour

Sometimes we will describe people as being in a good humour. This started back in Greek times when the doctors thought people had fluids in the body called humours and when they were all in a good balance then people were well both physically and emotionally. Our core value of humour is about how we approach things in school. It is important to work with and listen to others to help make school enjoyable for everyone.

Title graphic-Kindness

I know I probably shouldn’t have a favourite core value, as they are all important, but I do and it is kindness. Every day we all have lots of opportunities to be kind and it is something that we are all capable of showing. We all know how someone else’s kindness makes such a difference to us.

In my next post I’m going to tell you about teaching groups at our school.

Best Wishes Mrs Yates