Ofsted Inspection Visit

Our school received a one day Ofsted inspection visit on 9th October 2018.  We have now received the letter of confirmation that our school continues to be good.  The report is available for you to read in full on our website 2018 Ofsted Report.

Since the previous inspection in November 2013 there have been significant changes made to the inspection criteria used by Ofsted.  These revisions provide increased levels of challenge and accountability across all areas.  The areas for improvement identified in the last inspection have been addressed and teaching is now characterised as demonstrably more attuned to the needs of students.

A key judgment is that staff know our students well and they work tirelessly to that end in order to best meet their needs.  Our core values of Courage, Honesty, Kindness, Humour and Determination are also foregrounded in the report as underpinning all that we do.  Ours is a culture of constructive discontent and it is good to note that leadership decision making that drives this improvement is characterised as “clear” and “principled”.  Governance is judged to be strong; “Governors know the school well and are ambitious for improvement.” The report also concludes that, “overall outcomes at the school, as measured by pupil progress in their best eight subjects at GCSE are improving.  Recent performance data for 2018 shows that students of all abilities made more progress than previously.  Pupils’ attainment is above the national average.”   The Sixth Form continues to be a strength of the school.

Focus on the Whole Child

Our students are described as “an asset to our school. They are polite, friendly and smart in appearance.”  This is our daily experience of our children.  All issues relating to safeguarding are well led and children and staff feel safe at our school.   One of our parents noted that our focus at Heart of England is on “the whole child” and a number commented on the excellent quality of care provided.

The areas for improvement identified by inspectors accurately aligned with our own self-evaluation.   We are characterised as an open and honest school that is well led and has a strong vision rooted in choice and a broad and balanced curriculum offer.

The Future

The next stages of our development will be to continue our unrelenting focus on augmenting the quality of education and care we provide for our children on a daily basis in line with our own self-evaluation and strategic plan.  Our culture of research-based learning upholds the belief that “what happens in classrooms makes all the difference.”  Thank you for all your support and kindness; onward together.

J Hughes-Williams

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