Now is the Time to Apply Yourself

At a time when the Year 9 students are considering their GCSE options, they have attended a motivating assembly led by a successful recruitment executive from Coventry.

Nick Goodwin from TalentTech Recruitment was introduced by Mrs Henton and he began his talk with reminding the Year 9 students that this is an important time for them as they take their first steps towards GCSEs.

“Now is the time to apply yourself over the next few years.  It won’t define your life, but it will open better opportunities for you later on,” Nick said.

Nick Goodwin from TalentTech
Nick Goodwin from TalentTech

Nick is Executive Recruiter and co-founder of TalentTech, a specialist recruitment consultancy a company who place sales, engineering and executive-level people into top companies like Manchester United, Adidas and Mars.

He spoke about the choices he had made in life and although he didn’t do any of the things he thought he might do when he was younger like join the army or become an architect, he loves what he does now and advised that applying yourself and working hard was the key to success.

Nick said: “Yes, have fun, play some sport, do some music.  All these things are good but there is a time and a place to start working too.”  Nowadays, there are so many opportunities open to young people – A Levels, apprenticeships, college and all sorts of training, he went on to say.

Speaking about what employers are looking for Nick emphasised the importance of Maths and English.  “The first things any company wants are these.

Mrs Henton asks Nick some questions

“It’s not necessarily about top grades either; we’re all at different levels.  What you can do though is work the best you can, especially regarding other traits like the report indicators: classwork, work ethic, homework and personal organisation.  These are real skills that translate to the working world and that every company wants.”

After his engaging and helpful presentation there was a short session when Mrs Henton asked Nick a few questions.  At the end he said: “If you put in the hard work, you’ll have a better chance of doing something you’ll enjoy.”

A big thank you to Nick Goodwin and Lyndsey Hulm from TalentTech for their visit.

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