New PE Kit for 2020!

From September, students will be wearing a new PE kit at Heart of England for the first time.  Our new, flexible and inclusive kit is modern, easy to wash and looks great!

New Year 7 students will be in the kit from the start of the year when they join us.  Other students will change kit over time as our new students move on from Year 7 and current students replace kit.  Existing students can opt for the new kit any time if they choose and suppliers are only providing new kit from now on.

A small team lead by Head of PE Nic Sykes have been working on the design and make-up of the kit for about a year, looking at the existing uniform and setting out to improve the sporting experience for students and updating it to include all our new branding.

Kit Parts

The new kit has fewer items and is made of modern sporting fabrics which are easy to clean and are quick drying which is good news for maintaining the kit!  The ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ kits have been dropped along with the heavy, double sided rugby top and we now have a single flexible kit with a variety of tops and bottom items with one style of socks.


Some of the items are compulsory: with a choice for all students of fitted or a loose top and shorts or skort for bottoms.  Every student will also need the new black and teal football socks with no other socks being required.

Other items which can be added to the kit include a quarter zipped lined top, leggings and slim fit joggers.  The top includes the school logo and the leg wear includes our school type motif.  All these items are optional although the top and one of the leg covering items are recommended.

“We are delighted to be able finally to roll out our new PE Kit to students and really look forward to seeing the gradual transition for everyone over the next few years, beginning with Year 7,” said Miss Sykes.  “It will be great to see us in our full school colours across the school and the borough and turn some heads when we’re competing off-site!”

Your Questions Answered!

  • Do existing students have to replace all their kit?

No, only the new 2020-2021 Year 7 students are expected to have the new kit.  Other students (Years 7-11) can change to the new kit at any time and any replacement items will only be new kit.

  • Which items are compulsory?

Only three items are absolutely compulsory: the loose shirt/fitted shirt, skort/shorts and the socks

  • Is there a ‘boys’ kit and a ‘girls’ kit?

No, all items are available all students to choose.

  • What are the options items?

Optional (although recommended) items include our branded leggings, slim-fit joggers and quarter zipped lined top.

  • Where can I get the full kit list and uniform requirements?

Download the Uniform and Appearance policy with includes all the sports and sports kit items including safety equipment and footwear.

  • Where can I get the Heart of England PE Kit from?

A list of our suppliers and their offers is available from this link

Downloads and Links

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