As we begin the weekend, Mrs Troughton gives us some tips on mindfulness and grounding ourselves in the present moment:

Mindfulness keeps you grounded and in the present.  This will – over time – reduce your anxiety.

You can practise Mindfulness almost anywhere. You can stay fully present while you are talking or listening, you are eating, exercising or watching a film.

Mindfulness is about now and right now and about going off into the past or future.  Focus on how you are feeling now. What’s going on around you now.  Notice when you start being judgemental and pull yourself back from that.
Notice how you feel. Notice what your body is doing.  Are you eating too quickly?  Are you thinking of something else while someone is chatting to you?

Don’t do anything but become aware of your self.  Quieten that inner voice gently by putting your thoughts on hold for moment.

Changes begin to occur when you root yourself in the present and significant brain changes can occur with regular practise.  The brain is truly miraculous.

We have so many neural connections in our head – more than there are stars within a thousand galaxies – so that’s more than 100 billion connections you can have access to.  Just in your brain.

You can start taking a more peaceful journey without phones, screens, tablets, or computers just begin to be aware.
We will be working with breath, posture, feelings and visualisations.

Meanwhile have a lovely weekend.  Stay safe.  Be kind!

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