Maths Intervention

Year 11 maths intervention takes place every Thursday After school, 15.25-16.25.  To allow students and parents to prepare, the planned topic list and dates are:

Autumn Term Intervention Plan Easter Term Intervention Plan
Date Topic Date Topic
21/09/2023 HCF, LCM, Prime Factor Decomposition 11/01/2024 Volume
28/09/2023 Angles in parallel lines 18/01/2024 Algebraic Fractions; simplify and solve
05/10/2023 Angles in Polygons 25/01/2024 Subject of formula
12/10/2023 Linear graphs (y=mx+c) 01/02/2024 Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots
19/10/2023 Indices and Standard Index Form 08/02/2024 Direct and Indirect proportion
26/10/2023 Pythagoras 15/02/2024
02/11/2023 22/02/2024 Iteration
09/11/2023 Trigonometry 29/02/2024 Probability Tree Diagrams
16/11/2023 Percentages: increase, decrease, change, reverse, compound interest 07/03/2024 Similarity and Congruence
23/11/2023 Area and perimeter 14/03/2024 Inequalities
30/11/2023 Ratio and problem solving 21/03/2024 Speed, Distance Time; Rates of change
07/12/2023 Surds
14/12/2023 Quadratic equations; factorising, formula, complete the square
21/12/2023 Simultaneous Equations