Our Careers and Destinations Lead Miss Williams writes about a recent event for students to meet and interact with an engineering mechanic:

Louise Baker from Womanic talks to students

Last Thursday we had the privilege of having Louise Baker, a female mechanic in to speak about her experiences in the world of work.  The day started with a selected group of Year 8 students having a go in a hands-on workshop where they made their own brake pipes connections.  They learnt about the mechanics behind what they were doing and used specialist tools to flare the end of a pipe and make a joint.  They were able to take their completed work home too!

Louise is a successful mechanic with 15 years’ experience who set up her own business called Womanic in 2016.  With a passion for cars and business, Louise created her brand to provide a service for busy people.

After the workshop Louise gave a talk to half of Year 8 during which she outlined how she followed her dreams to set up her own business and make money from her hobby.  “I wanted a better future for myself and my family so I set up my company and I love it!” she said.

Louise also talked about working hard at school and the importance of qualifications, good wages, and how she uses social media promotion to her advantage.

Later in the morning, Year 11 joined the audience and listened to Louise’s apprentice Kyle talk about his experience of school and the importance of gaining GCSEs and how ‘doing it right now’ is so important.  Many students from both sessions stayed behind to ask an array of questions including how to apply for apprenticeships? how to use social media for promotions? and how to start their own businesses?

It was a very successful morning and I was so proud of the great questions our students asked.  In fact, Louise said they were the best set of questions she had ever received in all the school talks she has done!

Well done Heart of England students!