Litter Picking in Balsall Common

Students from Heart of England have been out collecting litter in Balsall Common recently in what it becoming a regular activity with students.

Litter picking group
Six bags of litter collected during the pick

After donning their hi-viz vests and armed with litter picking tongs, they set off along the Kenilworth Road towards the village centre on their search for litter.  The group were joined by Rachal, a member of the local Balsall Common litter picking group.  Rachal has joined the group before and was on hand to offer expert advice on safe picking and being safe during the activity.

Altogether they managed to collect six bags of rubbish from along the Kenilworth Road including half a plate, a pink cricket ball and a glove!  “The Year 7 students had particularly amazing eyesight, catching the tiniest pieces of litter, but litter none the less,” said Mrs Henton our Community Engagement lead.

The students enjoyed the activity and it will be one of several litter picks we plan to take part in this year.  Mrs Henton also added: “It was great to spend an hour outdoors doing something to contribute to our local community.”