Our Careers and Destinations Lead Ms Williams has organised an amazing fact-finding visit to Balfour Beatty Vinci to give the students experience of the world of work and present some of the opportunities out there.  Read our brief report about a visit by students to a local HS2 site:

Students begin work on problem solving

On Thursday 4 May I took a group of Year 10 students on a visit to a local HS2 construction site.  The aim of the trip was to give the experience of the real world of work and to get students thinking about their own future career possibilities.

During the visit, students undertook a problem-solving task in groups, throwing themselves into the activities with gusto and enthusiasm, working brilliantly as a team.  They overcame problems by communicating well to come up with solutions.

A visit to the HS2 construction site

There was a presentation about the world of work, employability skills and the range of jobs you can do in large companies like Balfour Beatty Vinci and HS2 such as engineering, construction, HR, administration, marketing and finance to name a few.

Importantly, the participants also learnt about the different pathways available towards a career which can include apprenticeships and degrees.

After a lovely lunch we went with Balfour Beatty Vinci’s specialist drivers across the site to see the construction of HS2 in action.  It was an amazing experience and seeing the scale, skill and importance of such a project was a great opportunity for our students.

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