Golf-playing Year 8 Student Anthony has been presented with a special award for his dedication to Golf and helping others. In a surprise ceremony he was presented with the first ever Hero’s Handshake award by Golf England.

Anthony is the first recipient of the Hero’s Handshake award which has been given to him in recognition of his personal achievements and for the way in which he uses sport as someone with autism and dyspraxia.

award photo
Anthony is awarded the trophy by Ali

The award was presented to Anthony by Young Golf Ambassador Ali Jodiyawalla at his regular golf-coaching session which he attends every Saturday at The Belfry. “It’s really amazing that I’m the first person to receive this trophy and I just hope I can inspire people to take up and enjoy golf,” said Anthony.

The young golfer’s contribution to coaching junior players has also been recognised by the award which took into account his support for younger players, determination and positivity for the sport and for raising awareness of hidden conditions like autism and dyspraxia.

Although unexpected by Anthony, the ceremony was organised by his parents, The Belfry coaches and Golf England. Our hero walked into the venue to be greeted by his family, coaches and more that 30 of his friends.  The celebration included the presentation itself and many party poppers!

Parents Andrew and Chrissie describe Anthony’s award as “the single proudest moment of our lives. For someone with Anthony’s issues this is absolutely the biggest achievement of his life and we cannot put into words what this means to him and us.”

Lillian Hubery from Heart of England said: “We share the pride in Anthony’s award. He has represented our school values of Determination and Kindness so well in his life.”


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