Getting Some Good Quality Rest

With all this going on it’s can so difficult to find a space away from the news, the statistics and the general sadness of the current situation.

This constant noise about the news can make you feel worn out or generally tired.  You do not need to listen to the news more than twice a day max!

Being glued to a computer can make you feel tired and restless. Staying in bed too long can result in feeling tired!

We all need to right type of rest.  Our well-being depends on us getting the balance right.

If we have too much rest our well-being levels drop.  If we don’t get enough – the same thing happens.

Good ways to rest are having 15 minutes of:

  • Listening to music you enjoy: – but with ear phones.  Really engage with it.
  • Reading:  Allows us to enter new worlds and escape into that world. We begin to become aware of our own emotions and feelings. I think Jane Eyre is the best self-help book ever written.
  • Doing nothing at all:  Having moments where you can sit or lie down and just ‘be’ are incredibly valuable. Just allowing things to stop for a while. Everyone in your home will need that short time.
  • Getting out for a walk or just  look at the sky, the stars, listen to the birds we can all hear now.  Take some fresh air. This can be through an open window or door or any patch of ground.
  • Being alone for a short while:  Give yourself time to think, to hope, to dream. Jot your ideas down and notice how they change during this time.

This morning artist David Hockney said, ‘All we need is food and love, in that order…’

So – stay healthy and stay positive and think of those you  are sharing with. be kind.  This will all be over soon and we will emerge as better people for it.

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