Getting Ready for Year 7

Heart of England have been hosting Year 6 during their transition to Year 7.  As part of the process, they have been on their final visit to us before joining us in September.  Felicia, one of our current Year 7 student buddies tells us about the experience of being one of the welcome team for our new students.

Year 6 during a science taster lesson

As a Buddy it was a pleasure to see the Year 6 students from all our feeder schools get a taster of a day in the life of Heart of England during their transition day which took place on Thursday 6 July.

Once greeting and welcoming were over, the students were seated in their new form classes.  From here, the team of buddies escorted them to a range of lessons, such as music, drama, science, geography and maths.  These were well-participated in by the children; it was lovely to see them coming out of their shells throughout the day.

Many buddies were on hand to support Year 6 and answer any questions about school life.  I am sure we all agree that it was an honour to have this responsibility and we hope to have given our incoming Year 7 students an enjoyable taste of the next years of their lives, so that they are excited for the coming academic year.

Even on their first day, they stood out with their exceptional demonstration of our school Core Values, impressing the teachers and other members of the school.

Ms Lancaster, Year 7 Academic Manager said: “The Year 7 Buddies and Prefects were a credit to the school on Transition Day.  They are looking forward to supporting Year 7 next year.

“To the students joining us in September, have a lovely summer break and keep an eye out for the postman as the Prefects have written to you all!”

I and the other buddies really look forward to welcoming them back in September as full members of the Heart of England community.  Welcome to Heart of England!

Felicia G, Year 7 student

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