Friends Will be Friends

Friends will be friends but – there’s nothing like spending time with a good mate.

Every friendship has its challenges and goes through good and bad times.  This is one of those times you must look beyond your own needs and care for your friendships. Your friend might be scared or fearful and need you more than you realise.  They might be feeling lonely or going bananas because their freedoms have been stopped.

What is your role here?

In the scheme of things a couple of months of restriction is a very short time. You could offer them uplifting thoughts or ideas… tell them how you are dealing with this new way of living.

Let them know you are there for them.  If you can get a gossip free and genuine friendship built on trust and hope and dreams then all of this will have been for some good. Even your voice might be a comfort to a mate who is struggling.

Share, reveal your fears, speak about your renewed vision for the future.  What changes will you make?  Tell them.  Inspire them.

We might never have the luxury of so much thinking time again! You’ve had to slow down. Make it work. Make it worth all the anxiety and sorrow so many are feeling.

Notice everything… about yourself and  all those others you care for and love.

Communicate clearly and honestly and always be true to yourself.

Your friendships can survive this.

Take care. Keep your distance. Wash those hands!

Mrs Troughton