Free School Meals: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If my child had Free School Meals at primary school will they automatically be entitled to Free School Meals at Heart of England School?

Solihull MBC Residents

If your child qualified for a Free School Meal in Solihull MBC, the entitlement to Free School Meals is automatically transferred from primary to secondary school. This  assumes no change in circumstances. Any change in circumstances should be notified to Solihull MBC.

Coventry/Warwickshire/Birmingham Residents

If your child qualified for Free School Meals in a different authority area there is no automatic transfer and you should apply for Free School Meals using the links below.

Q. Is my child eligible for Free School Meals?

There is information on the Heart of England School website about Free School Meals under

Parent Handbook, Free School Meals

Q. Where do I get further information about Free School Meals?

Further information is available from the Solihull MBC (Metropolitan Borough Council)


Q. How do I get free school meals for my child?

All applications are made online. Please make an online application using the following link

then select Apply for Free School Meals.