Everybody Loves Ice Cream!

As the end of term approaches, some students have been celebrating their success in gaining the highest number of merits in their year.  Our merit system allows students to be rewarded for a variety of behaviours including doing well in class, producing good work, behaving well or displaying our Core Values in notable ways. 

Various ways of acknowledging students’ achievements usually happen during the year including going to lunch early, receiving a ‘colour’ or badge or meeting the Principal for a drink and cake.  However, this year’s restrictions have required us to think slightly differently. So, on the last Thursday of term this year there was a special visit to school – of the ice cream van!

Students who have gained the highest number of merits from every year group were amazed to find they could have a free ice cream or lolly from the van during lunch time.  The van was parked up just inside the gate of the main field with the glorious sunshine making is even more enticing.

Students were grouped by bubbles and ordered their treat from the van.  Whippy 99s seemed to be the most popular choice with many electing for various sauces and sprinkles.  One student seemed particularly proud of their blue tongue, acquired after eating a lolly.

Paola’s ice cream van was certainly welcome and some might be hoping it is not his last visit!  Well done to all who have done well and we wish all our students, staff, parents/carers and trustees a restful holiday.

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