Don’t Plaster Over It: Mental Health

Students have been at assemblies this week on the theme of Mental Health.  Given by Mr Taylor he begins by pointing out that everyone has mental health.

Like physical health, mental health affects how we feel and see the world.  Mr Taylor began with a definition: “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being.”  He went on to say that it effects how we think, feel and act and that out mental health can determine how we handle stress and relate to others.

All the things that go on in our lives such as what we say and do, our thoughts, relationships and our emotions are all “the content of our mental health,” said Mr Taylor.  Just like with physical health and well-being we put a plaster on a cut, sleep when we’re tired or have a cast for a broken bone, we should take note of our mental health in the same way.

Using an empty container and cups of water, Mr Taylor demonstrated what our mental health can be like.  With each stress or negative event, he poured water from a cup into the tub.  With each cup, it gets a little fuller until eventually, “it overflows and your emotions spill out,” he said.

“We all know what to do for our physical health,” said Mr Taylor, “we seek help, we get treatment, we might see the doctor.”  He continued to say that we can help our mental health too and live a healthier life.

Tools available to us include talking to someone like your tutor, pastoral manager or your parents, doing exercise such as going for a walk or some sport.  Mr Taylor said: “Other good input for our mental health can be music; something happy or lively or with uplifting lyrics.  And doing something you enjoy – take time for yourself, bake something, play a game with friends or read.  Anything you love.”

Mr Taylor concluded by saying that good sources of help are available if you find the stress of life getting to you.  You can talk to our own Well-Being Practitioner Mrs Thoughton and you can seek counselling or talk to any member of staff in school.  Your family doctor can also help as well as can organisations like CHAMS or Kooth.

In conclusion Mr Taylor said to start to empty your mental health water tub.  “Relieve the pressure by doing something to take out some of the water.  Don’t just put a plaster over it!”

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