“GCSE Drama is helping me develop my communication and team work skills. I want to be involved in performance when I’m older but these skills will help with any career.” Zoe, Former Drama Student

What will I learn?

Unit 1 (30%): You will use Drama techniques to explore different stimulus materials. You will then use what you know to devise and perform your own piece. You will also evidence your ideas in a portfolio. You could choose to be a designer instead of performer in this unit.

Unit 2 (30%): You will perform two extracts from a play. You will also produce a short document about your intentions. You could choose to be a designer instead of performer in this unit.

Unit 3 (40%): You will study a play and see a live performance. You will answer questions on these in a written exam.

How will I be assessed?

For Unit 1 you are assessed by your teacher and Unit 2 you are assessed by an examiner.  You will be assessed on a performance or designs of your own devised work for Unit 1 and part of a play for Unit 2.  You will need to show your knowledge of drama conventions and characterisation.  Your coursework has a focus on your evaluation of what you have done and why you have done it.

Unit 3 (the exam) is assessed on your creative and evaluative skills.

What skills will I develop?

Drama is highly valued by employers because it teaches you skills that can apply to any job:

·       communication

·       presentation skills

·       confidence to speak in front of groups of people

·       working as a team

·       working well under pressure

·       meeting deadlines

·       problem solving

·       creativity

Design Option:

If you are interested in the design elements of Drama, rather than being on the stage, you can choose to follow the Design Option instead of Performance. Here you will still work creatively with a performance group, but you will design the costume, set, sound or lighting for the performance and be assessed on your creative ideas and the final designs being used in the final performance.

This subject would suit students who

This subject might not be right for students who

  • Can work independently
  • Are creative
  • Can work with a range of people
  • Can focus in a group task
  • Find it hard to stay on task when working with others
  • Find analysis and evaluation difficult
  • Are shy about performing in front of others

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