BTEC Design – Edexcel


Are you a creative person?  Do you want to work in the creative industries? Are you interested in how to present your work to others?  Do you enjoy working with a variety of materials to produce 3D outcomes?  If yes, then BTEC Design might just be the course for you!


This course allows you to understand how the world of Design works and what it takes to be successful in the field.  Through a variety of practical tasks you will learn how artists and designers work; develop and improve your practical making skills, and produce your own portfolio to show the creative journey you have taken through KS4.

This course is made up of four different units; you will study two in Year 10 and two in Year 11.

Year 10

The first unit in Year 10 is Introduction to Specialist Pathways in Art and Design.  During this unit you will be set a number of briefs that will allow you to develop your practical skills.  You will make products, models and pieces of art using a wide variety of materials and processes.  These products will allow you to understand the process that artists and designers follow in order to develop creative and unique pieces.

The second unit in Year 10 is Communicating Ideas in 3D.  This unit will allow you to develop your 3D practical skills further and show your understanding of the different methods that artists and designers use to communicate their ideas to others.

Year 11

The first unit in Year 11 is the Creative Project in Art and Design, which is externally set by the exam board.  You will have time in lessons to fully prepare for this, then a 10 hour exam to produce your final piece.  This unit is to show that you can produce an outcome to a set brief under timed conditions.  You will use the skills and knowledge learnt in Year 10 to help you do this.

The last unit you will study is Developing an Art and Design Portfolio. You will learn how to select and pick pieces of your work that showcase your journey through the course and highlight your skills and best pieces of work.  You will produce a website and a written portfolio that you can use to help you enter the creative industries.

This subject would suit students who

This subject might not be right for students who

·      Enjoy making 3D products

·      Can complete research and course work at home

·      Enjoy using different materials and processes

·      Are interested in the world of Art and Design

·      Are creative

·      Prefer doing lots of drawing and 2D work

·      Do not have the desire to come in at dinnertimes or do work after school

·      Have no interest in making things

·      Are not creative

·      Have no interest in the world of Art and Design