“Courage is Grace Under Pressure,” Ernest Hemingway

This first term of the 2020-21 year has certainly been unique and there have been many challenges we have all had to take on board. School life continues though and our Principal is impressed with our community and how well our children have dealt with uncertainty.

“It has been an eventful and very positive eight weeks. My overall impression is how brilliant our parent/carers, children, staff and governors have been,” said Principal Miss Hughes-Williams. “All have risen to high levels of daily change and uncertainty together and navigated a safe and focused return to classroom based learning. Our curriculum offer remains broad which is essential to a balanced educational experience.

Our students are adapting well to new habits and routines that we have introduced which include reorganising our tutor group and timetables, how to move around the school safely and revising our CALM Behaviour policy.

Other changes have meant alterations to the structure of the day with staggered break and lunch times to ensure that only two year groups at a time enjoy their social times in different demarcated areas to help keep students safe. Students and staff are wearing masks too when moving about the buildings.

To all our community Miss Hughes-Williams said: “The challenges of the present are immense and never has there been a time when courage, kindness and grace under pressure were more required or appreciated. Thank you to everyone for all your care and support as we continue to work closely together to ensure the very best for our children.”

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