Community, Inclusion and Making a Difference

New beginnings are a time of reflection and hope and this long weekend break marking the coronation is one of those times.  Our society is rich in diversity, culture and opportunity and now more than ever it is important to be part of and contribute to our communities.

One of the main threads evident right now is the spirit of community and inclusion emerging within our society.  Communities are coming together for numerous events around the Big Lunches taking place where locals are enjoying the company of each other around the important and central sharing of food and drink.  This has been a vital component of every human society in every age.  It marks our needs for community and celebration.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

Community is also about creating and participation.  This weekend sees the launch of The Big Help Out to encourage us to take part and volunteer locally, to do something constructive.  Our own school community relies on the willingness of others to add to the opportunities for our students.  Even small contributions can have a big impact.  Our Principal Ms Hughes-Williams said: “A huge thank you to all volunteers linked to our school who give their time freely and tirelessly in the service of children, their education and their wellbeing.”

At Heart of England there is something of a tradition amongst students of volunteering as well.  There are students who give up time for sports clubs and coaching, animal rescue charities, food banks and all sorts of fundraising efforts.  Many use their experiences as part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award too.  “We are so proud of our students who volunteer in a range of capacities and how committed we are culturally to being kind and respectful to others and that also means being generous with our time,” said Ms Hughes-Williams.

This weekend we can take a moment to reflect on events, the society we live in and the sort of contributions we ourselves can make.  We all can make a difference.