Choose Respect

This week was #antibullyingweek and House assemblies have been on the topic of choosing respect and creating a culture of speaking out whenever we see any bullying.  Joe Morris outlines some of the important issues raised in the presentations:

Assistant Principal Mr Hawkes hosted anti-bullying assemblies and he talked about the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s week-long campaign which covered the main themes of Choose Respect and Stop, Speak, Support. [Click to download Presentation]

“We take all forms of bullying very seriously here at Heart of England and there are consequences for anyone who bullies,” said Mr Hawkes.  “We believe in solving the issues and our core values underline our commitment to a kinder environment where everyone is respected.”

On the main theme of the week of Choose Respect the students were reminded of the theme of last year’s campaign which was All different, all equal and that respect flowed directly from this idea.  “When you respect someone, you accept their differences from you and create a safer place,” said Mr Hawkes.

Along with this overall theme, Thursday introduced a secondary theme of Stop, Speak, Support which focussed on the important and growing issue of Cyberbullying.  This part of the campaign was developed by a group of young people to encourage others to take three simple steps when seeing bullying online: Stop, Speak, Support.  The campaign aims to help young people easily spot cyberbullying and the steps they can take to help and support the victim.  A short video was shown giving advice on aspects of cyberbullying: Stop, Speak, Support – Cyberbullying advice for kids.

Mr Hawkes summed up the assembly up with the simple and easy message of Choose Respect.  “Bullying, including cyberbullying can have very bad outcomes for victims and for perpetrators for that matter.  But just thinking for a moment and pausing before you speak or type something can make a difference to someone else and be the kind thing to do.  At Heart of England, every week is #antibullyingweek.”