Celebrating Year 7 Achievements

Back in March, Miss Lancaster and Mrs Yates held an assembly to celebrate the achievements of our Year 7 students and they also took the opportunity to launch ‘The Year 7 Cup’.

The Year 7 Cup
The Year 7 Cup

The Year 7 Cup is designed to allow all students to celebrate their wins, encourage teamwork and pride within the tutor groups and add a little competition to the week.  The focus of the cup is hidden from the staff and students to encourage them to use their CORE values at all times, as well as making the correct choices and meeting the school expectations.  The focus can be anything from merits, being on time, most honesty CORE values received, even staff are nominating groups for amazing lesson.

The cup also allows for us to revisit some of the school’s history.  Each tutor group have been allocated a ribbon colour the relates to old house colours that were used for each teaching group letter.  Thank you to Mr Donohoe for supplying the year team with the names and colours as he is one of our long-standing members of staff.  Each week the winning colours of the winning tutor group decorate the cup.  These stay in place week in, week out, so there is a record of who has won previously… and it looks really good!  The house colours are as follows:

  • 7A Green
  • 7B Light Blue
  • 7C Red
  • 7E Peach
  • 7F Purple
  • 7P Dark Blue
  • 7S Yellow
  • 7T Maroon

Ribbons on the Year 7 cup7B (AK) were our first weekly winners of the cup.  The secret focus that week was CORE value merits for Determination.  Our second winners, 7F (CZ) were presented the cup during assembly for a CALM learning environment when Miss Lancaster carried out a learning walk during the school day.  Mr Cozens certainly upped the celebrations for winning the cup, lifting it above his head and cheering like he had won the world cup.

“It is lovely to see the students take pride in everything they are doing in school,” said Year 7 Academic Manager Ms Lancaster, “They are expressing our CORE values and working together to try to win the cup.  The staff are enjoying the competition amongst themselves just as much as the students!” said Ms Lancaster

7A were the third winners, pipping 7S to the post by receiving a massive 522 merits in one week. Congratulations to the fourth winners, 7E for winning the cup for punctuality.  Mr Hawkins upped the celebrations when the cup was awarded, the whole class were cheering and really proud of their achievements.