Calling All Ukulele Owners!

Solihull Music Service have launched a Ukulele Challenge this week!  Luckily, Mrs Henton has a ukulele at home so will be joining in with this one!

The Music Service want to try and do something positive over this term and spread some happiness.  They are going to create an online video of Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.  It is a great opportunity to encourage you practise an intrument and to perform (virtually) together.

The idea of the challenge is to attempt it over the bank holiday so if you want to join in – get up to speed with what you need to do to take part.  You will find all the instructions and resources you need in the details below and they are available as a PDF downloadThe deadline is Monday 11 May – so get cracking!

Five Simple Steps:

  1. Open the attached backing track
  2. Plug in your headphones. (It is really important that we don’t hear the backing track on your recording – just you)
  3. Practise playing your instrument/singing along with the video
  4. When you are ready to perform, ask a volunteer (parent/sibling) to use a separate device to record a video of you playing along to the backing track
  5. Send the recording to us and we’ll do the rest!

N.B. Remember to tune your ukulele using an app on your phone!

We will then put together your performance with all the other musicians from your band to make a split-screen video of our online performance!


Please read carefully the consent notice on the poster download!  SMS plan to produce an edited video which will be published and be publically available on the SMS YouTube channel.

Top Tips for Recording:

  1.  Music to your ears! Ideally use headphones to listen to the play-along video.  If you don’t have any then play it back through speakers at a very low level.
  2. Turn down that TV! Try your best to ensure there are no background noises that will be captured on the recording.
  3. Practise social distancing! Ask the volunteer videoing you to stand back so that the sound is not distorted on the video you send.
  4. Join the community! Follow Solihull Music Service on Twitter @musicsolihull or check out their website to keep up to date with the what’s happening with music in Solihull

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