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Officially, our transition week has ended although we are keeping the online material available until September so that our incoming Year 7 students, currently in Year 6 and their parents/carers can revisit it. As has been the case everywhere, for more than a year we have been unable to hold live events or have visitors here at school or for our Year 7 Manager Mrs Yates to visit our feeder...
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Computer Science Hello, we’d like to welcome you to Heart of England School and to our Computer Science department. In Computer Science we like to learn about … Computers! How they are built: what is inside them – hardware How that works: with switches that are on or off How to make them do things that we want by writing programs How to use programs that other people have written...
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Music Music in Year 7 focuses on you learning the knowledge and skills that will be the foundations to everything you will learn in music moving forwards. There is lots of focus on the musical elements, which some of you may have already learnt about. In a typical music lesson you will experience listening activities, performing activities (don’t worry you never have to do a solo of any sort) and...
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