Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

When designing the SRE curriculum the following objectives were established to ensure that we provide our students with the best possible guidance:

  • To be in line with government/Ofsted guidelines
  • Personalise and evolve the curriculum annually to fit the purpose of our students
  • Provide students with a safe environment in which SRE can take place
  • Address any misconceptions students may have towards SRE

From Year 7 through to Year 13 all students receive a 1 hour workshop based around poignant topics. The provider for all of our SRE workshops, Brook, is the UK’s largest young people’s sexual health charity. For 50 years they have been providing sexual health services, support and advice to young people under the age of 25. Students spoke highly about the quality of the sessions as well as the staff who delivered these.

To provide a holistic approach to SRE topics such as puberty, reproductive systems, pregnancy and birth are covered in Biology. Topics such as gender, sexuality, mind and body are also covered in Diversity Studies. Further work looking at relationships were also covered in Tutor time with a focus upon informing students about the key aspects of building successful relationships and how to treat one another.

Understanding that SRE is such a big part of a student’s development we aim to make sure that parents are well informed. All parents receive an annual email detailing the SRE year plan and proposed learning outcomes for each session. Year 7 parents will be invited to attend an information evening presented by Brook in preparation for the students first workshop.

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