2018 Key Stage 5 Academic Data

KS5 2018 Heart of England England Average
Progress Score +0.28 0
Average Grade C+ C+
Average Points 33.98 32.39
% Students completing main study programme 94.5% 95.3%
English and Maths Progress

(Students who did not achieve Grade C or higher in their GCSE or Equivalents)


(1 students)

* English -0.02

(8 Students)

+0.75 Maths 0
* Where there are 5 or fewer pupils or students covered by the measure at the school or college (10 in the case of pupil or student destinations measures), a progress score is not published to protect the privacy of those individuals.


Destinations Heart of England England Average
Students finishing 16 to 18 study who either stayed in education or went into employment from October to March the following year. The data published in January 2018 is for students who finished level 3 (A levels or other level 3 qualifications) 16 to 18 study in 2015, which is the most recent data currently available. 99% 89%