Governors: Trustees Declarations of Interest

Trustee Declaration of Interests: as at September 2020

Full Name Trustee on HoE Trust Board Other Interests Reason
Andrew Clark Co-opted University of Warwick Employee
Neil Cook Co-opted University of Birmingham Employee
Malcolm Halliday Community None
Jon Haston Staff elected None
Jacqueline Hughes- Williams Principal None
Anne Lycett Community F H Roofing Ltd

Imba House

Company Director

Charity Trustee

Lesley Markham Community None
David Morris Co-opted Heart Academies Trust Employee (CEO)
Graham Parry Community None
Tim Perry-Ogden Community None
Charlotte Shadbolt Parent elected Springfield Services
Balsall Common Residents Assoc
BAM construction
Shareholder & company secretary

Committee member

Wife of business partner

Sister of Project Manager

Linda Williams Staff elected None
Anthony Worth Community Solihull College Trustee
Vacancy Parent elected TBA