Heart of England students have been collecting their A Level results today and finding out how well they’ve done towards their next steps in education with a high percentage able to get to their first-choice university or college.

There was the usual buzz of excitement in the hall as students met each other and picked up their results envelopes.  Even with the ability to look up the grades online, many still waited to open their results at school.

This group of students are the first students to have taken public exams since before the pandemic and overall, our results are back in line with pre-Covid predictions and within target grades predictions.

Grace Theay, Head of Post 16 said: “Our students have done amazingly well with these exams, especially since they were unable to sit their GCSEs in the usual way.”

The results mean that 76% of students to date have gained their first choice of university.  Former Head Boy Matt is very pleased with being able to go to Loughborough University to study Criminology and Zeeshan is off to the University of Warwick to do Engineering.

Another student off to her first-choice destination is Rosie.  Having achieved four A* grades she is going to study physics at the University of Manchester.  “I wasn’t certain I would get the grades but they were in line with predictions and I am really pleased,” said Rosie.

Mrs Theay said that the spread of results is excellent with 98% of students getting A*-E, 52% gaining the top band of A*-B and 24% A*-A.

“I am so, so proud of how well they’ve done,” Mrs Theay said.  “I did a little happy dance when I saw the results download!”

Well done to all, and whatever your results, we wish everyone well in the next phase of their journey – the destination is only a small step away.

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