July 16, 2021


Photo by Aleksandr Eremin on Unspash
In a final message of the year, our Principal Miss Hughes-Williams reflects on the journey and the changes we’ve all faced over the last year: It is not easy to capture the levels of challenge and change that everyone in our communities have risen to this academic year.  The competing pressures on families has been...
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As the end of term approaches, some students have been celebrating their success in gaining the highest number of merits in their year.  Our merit system allows students to be rewarded for a variety of behaviours including doing well in class, producing good work, behaving well or displaying our Core Values in notable ways.  Various...
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Recognition card stamp
Key stage 3 students have been reward with Subject Awards during tutor time today as our usual awards ceremony could not take place.  Students were nominated by their class teachers for an array of reasons from academic achievement, outstanding attitude to learning, overcoming barriers, excellent progress and consistent hard work in lockdown and lessons.  Students...
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