2019 Happy New Year!

The new year started with a wake-up call from our very own piper and governor Malcolm Halliday!  After the long rest of the holidays a refreshing blast of highland music was just the thing to get us all going for the start of 2019.

In what has become something of a regular event, we piped in the New Year at Heart of England with Malcolm in full Highland dress walking around the school during tutor time, visiting every block and playing a variety of familiar Scottish tunes. 

Piping in the New Year

The route around school, which started in the playground visited Hampton block, outside Leveson and finally to all three floors of Main block.  As he went around school classroom doors were opened and many visits were made to rooms for a special performance and a “Happy New Year” greeting from Malcolm.

There were even two renditions of Happy Birthday for students celebrating their birthdays today: the first celebrating their 14th and another in a science lab where someone had turned 16.

Malcolm Halliday is one of our governors and started learning to play when he was at school.  “I’ve been playing the bagpipes ever since,” he said.

Well, we are all awake here at Heart of England and raring to go – Happy New Year everyone!

Video extract of today’s event